Our Technology

Our in-cabin tablet enables drivers to monitor:

  • Fatigue — Drivers can self-monitor their own fatigue and to predict when they require breakings from driving, maximumnumbers of hours of work in 24 hours, over 3 days, & in 14 days. The tablet will alert to when breaks are due.
  • Defect — Drivers can create and monitor progress of repairs on defects of the prime movers & trailing stock or ancillary equipment including forklifts. No need for looking back through hardcopy defects books
  • Trailers — Drivers can advise the Operations team to locations of trailing stock, including dollies.
  • Prestarts & Fitness for Duty — All vehicles including trailers have prestarts recorded against them. Drivers are also required to acknowledge that they are fit for duty & meet minimum requirements of the role they are undertaking.
  • Documentation — All up to date truck applicable permits, & SOPs are available to drivers on tablets irrespective of mobile phone coverage


Office & Depot Based Staff:

  • Mass Management — Where required drivers are able to record gross & axle weights for both IAP & mass management schemes and be alerted when they are not compliant.
  • Health & Safety — Incident & Hazard reporting is seamless and instantaneous back to OH&S staff. An emergency phone number is set to enable single button calling.
  • Operational Messaging & Jobs — Drivers can receive Safe Journey plans, job instructions and general messages. Pre-written or free form messages/emails are able to be sent back to operational, workshop or administrational staff. Proof of delivery evidence can be collected, and job status can be updated in real-time.
  • Fatigue & Scheduling — Operational staff are alerted to breaches of fatigue automatically and future fatigue breaks are considered to exclude drivers from future jobs.
  • Workshop Maintenance — Service schedules are monitored through the MTData back end with service & defect alerts being sent to Operations & Workshop.
  • Compliance & Chain of Responsibility — Compliance staff can send updated permits to each truck individually without having to maintain hardcopy folders. Auditors & Compliance staff have access to all information required to perform fatigue,maintenance & mass management audits.
  • Tracking — Operational staff are able to visually see map location, and status of prime movers, drivers & trailing stock at any given moment. Proximity search for a period also available to find trucks currently or in the past near a location.
  • Customer Portal — Customer access to the tracking information& access to freight booking and automatic real-time job & leg progress updates including PODs & invoicing through Freight Tracker TMS.